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In these days of fluctuating economies, shrinking energy resources in light of increasing demand and a fierce need to protect environments, it is of paramount importance that manufacturers and distributors standout as innovative and committed, projecting safety and competence through automated secured access.

It is commonly believed that successful operations drive higher profitability, but they cannot do so in the face of increasing liabilities.  By creating higher security standards, manufacturers and distributors can help to curb these liabilities in an ever more hostile business world.

We at Inspow Inc. are focused on providing security through products that meet the needs of today’s  business environment.  We specialize in securing sites with automated controlled access using HMI products.  For more information about specific products, see the 'Products' link in the navigation bar.


Secured Access Applications

It is important that secured access to any plant, facility or equipment has verification and feedback. For every cause there needs to be an effect.  As an example, when a card code is authenticated, it may require a confirmation back that will give the person access to the plant, facility or equipment.  Access could result in opening a gate, authorization to perform a task, giving access to equipment, starting a pump or any other secured function. 

Mercury HMI access units are designed both to listen and respond.  A card access can have a hard wired discrete qualifier to grant access.  Also, when a card is verified and confirmed Mercury HMI access units can provide a hard wired discrete enabler to grant permission.  These logical functions can be tied with other logical qualifiers in the overall security control strategy.

Card security by card swipe or “show me the card” (held by the card reader) may not always be a complete solution.  A secured system may not just want to know when a person has arrived but also when the person has moved on to the next operation, meaning the card has to be retained in the reader during the operation. Upon task completion, the person has to remove the card in order to stamp the operation as complete.  Mercury HMI offers what is called a retaining plate with software technology to hold the access card in the reader while said operation is being carried out. Mercury HMI access units are the only products that offer this functioanlity.